Want someone to help keep your property booked?

If you have a vacation home in Emerald Island or Terra Verde we would love to talk with you about managing your vacation home and providing you some rental income.

Please call: 1-800-633-7108 ext 7007

Our owners EXPECT 20 nights of occupancy a month!

When you start a new adventure the best thing to do is look at your competition to see if you can improve on the services they are already providing. We have three areas of focus here at Resort Home Network:

1. Bookings This is where we thrive, we have partnered with Orlandovacation.com and Affordable Travel of Orlando to supply us with bookings. I am proud to say that all the properties we have up under management every one of them have averaged 20 nights of occupancy each month they have been with us.

2. Management Fees- We make our money on the booking of the vacation homes so management fees are typically less. We charge a $120 management fee per month on the vacation homes plus pool cleaning. We check the home prior to each guest checking in and again when they check out. Plus we like to set up a conference call with our homeowners every three months to talk with them about their future bookings and any general maintenance issues which may need to be done on their home. Prior to this call we always e-mail the homeowner at least 10 pictures of their home to give them piece of mind that their home is being well taken care of.

3. No Junk Fees or Long Term Commitment - We do not ask for a contract from any of our owners. Our philosophy is simple, if we are providing you bookings and taking care of your vacation home why would you want to leave. We do not charge a set-up fee or hold any money in escrow. Our track record shows that we are going to be sending you money every month for your bookings so why should we have to have any money in escrow?

If you are looking to book a hotel or vacation home for your Walt Disney World vacation, you can also visit OrlandoVacation.com. Find your hotel or a vacation home in the Orlando area, or create a vacation package deal with both tickets and lodging during your visit to Orlando, Florida.